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Design your campaign from  start dates & times

to locations & durations

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Primary audience are aged 18-40

We engage them when they are out & about,

socialising, working & playing


With over 150 screens strategically positioned

through high footfall, high dwell locations.

This is our largest digital out of home network

Located in Dublin, Cork, Limerick & Kilkenny

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Our on-campus network gives direct access to a potential 115,000 students daily


Exclusive access to major universities and campuses across Ireland  


Plug directly into the heart of student life


High footfall, high dwell & low wastage environments


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Healthy lifestyle takes many forms from excellent nutrition to regular exercise & well balanced living


Our lifestyle network is fully geared towards this on trend shift


We’ve linked in with the most cutting edge gyms & lifestyle locations throughout Dublin & Cork


Delivering access in high dwell, low wastage environments


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Over 8.5 million overseas visitors arrive into Dublin

City every year.


Our strategically positioned network runs through the heart of Dublin’s major tourist hotspots


Get direct & immediate access to Ireland’s ever increasing tourist audience


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Design your own campaign

 Tailor key elements & maximise the potential of outdoor digital




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Start Dates

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Any Time


Update Artwork

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We can play both static and animated artwork

on screens

Specs For Static:
Size - 1080(W) x 1920(H)
File formats – High res jpeg or pdf

Specs For Animations:
Size – 1080(W) x 1920(H)
Duration – 10 seconds 
Format – mp4

Or let us bring your artwork to life & create an animation for you. 


Check out some of our previous work.

Static (High Res Jpeg)

Animated - MP4

1080 px

1920 px