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The Mabos Initiative

The bursary is worth €20000 per annum and fully funded by Micromedia. We allocate funding as projects arise. The selection process is designed to be easy and untaxing for the applicants. A steering group collectively decides where to allocate for maximum impact.

Stay tuned for news of our first project - TBC in Q4 2024. 

In the spirit of the Mabos tagline -  

'It's the vibe of the thing'

The Mabos Initiative –

‘Supporting creative spaces in our Cities’


The Mabos Initiative is an annual bursary that is allocated directly to creative spaces with the aim of supporting their development and long term viability.

The idea was born from the challenges faced by Mabos, an interdisciplinary art space in Dublin’s Docklands, that was met with significant hurdles in relation to meeting various regulations and licensing requirements ultimately leading to its premature demise.   

The objective of The Mabos Initiative is to avoid this fate for other spaces in the future by identifying projects where this type of support is most needed and can have a tangible impact on its survival and growth. We see grassroots creative spaces as an integral part of the overall fabric of a City. In turn a Cities’ ability to authentically support its artists, musicians, social entrepreneurs and other cultural operators forms a key part of the overall holistic success of that City.

The spirit of this bursary is to get that extra support at the right time allowing nascent spaces to survive and hopefully grow into something meaningful and impactful for all – from the creators to the regulators, the residents, workers, tourists and ultimately for the Cities we collectively engage with and enjoy everyday.

The cumulative impact of supporting these spaces over time will hopefully be of significance in bringing a better balance and richness to the mix of ‘commercial uses’ happening in our cities at any one time.

If we get this balance right then it gives the best chance for creative output to follow and flow.

That is the vibe of the thing. Stay tuned for updates and please email with any questions


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