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Irelands First Fully Solar Powered Billboards


We've installed 4 x solar panels on the roof of 151 Pearse St which enable both of the existing billboards, on Pearse and Sandwith St, to operate 100% off grid. The result is a country-wide first zero carbon emission illuminated billboard with no energy costs. 

Some technical information:

· The four panels are angled at 15 degrees south in order to maximise solar gains and are held in place with bespoke ballast boxes designed for flat roofs with bespoke wind breakers to provide added stability. 

· We worked with Solaradtek to create site specific ultra efficient lighting using three different optical lenses (one top, one middle and one bottom)  positioned over the LED lights in order to maximise the throw of light evenly over the entire billboard. This is ultra low energy lighting.

· The batteries are lithium iron phosphate allowing for 90% depth of discharge which is significantly higher than the Lithium ion battery.

· The ROI on producing and installing the entire solar lighting system is 3 years.

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