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Paddy Power

In the lead up to Eurovision 2019, we delivered a live event in Camden Corner for Paddy Power preceded by a three day event teaser / build up at the space. 


This 4 day activation included: 

  • Full building banner print & installation 

  • Internal wall vinyl and studio kit out 

  • LED Lighting 

  • LED Holographic display 

  • Video wall & digital screen displays 


Paddy Power 1.jpg
Paddy Power 4.jpeg

The live event entailed a singing competition for the public, judged by Louis Walsh and Paddy Power who were present at the space. In conjunction with 2FM, the winning participant won a trip to the Eurovision Song Contest. 


For this element of the activation we facilitated: 

  • Press conference  

  • Live sound with karaoke event 

  • Assisted public participation

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