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Micromedia. Sustainability

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In order to maximize impact and efficacy we have taken a 360 degree viewpoint assessing all aspects of our business from considered sourcing & supply chain, to operations and maintenance, through to future output and offset.

See below for our current operational procedures and in-process strategic goals. 



•    Smart Overhaul:
We actively look to update pre-existing & outdated technology with modern more eco friendly solutions eg replacing LCD with LED. We have applied this approach in many of our locations such as Flyefit gyms, UCD campus and Golden Disc stores. 

•    Considered operating hours:
Indoor: Through precise daily scheduling Screens sync exactly to store/venue operating times so there is no unnecessary power usage
Outdoor: Ensuring screens are not operating
at ineffective times. As the old adage goes nothing good happens after 1am anyway!

•    Smart Power enabled:
The backlight intensity can be controlled and pre-set by the system to reduce the power consumption by up to 50% for example luminosity is lowered in the evening time. This smart power approach cumulatively and over time saves substantially on overall energy consumption.

•    Pixel Shift enabled:
This feature enables screen protection to
avoid burn-in or overexposure which significantly reduces the chances of us disposing of screens before they have
achieved their lifetime usage.

•    Eco - Mode on Standby:
Reduces power consumption on the screen when not in use in standby mode to  <0.3Watts in Standby mode per screen


In Process:

•    Cradle to cradle upcycling:
This opportunity is based on maximizing the potential of circular economy through the re-usage of materials from recycled items resulting in less dependence on virgin resources extraction. There is a considerable amount of re-usable components in DOOH hardware from screens through to PC players. Our previous partner was The Science Gallery and we’re currently exploring new Irish based partnerships via schools and universities. 

•    Carbon Neutral:
The key to successful offset is ensuring the approach is comprehensive eg not just assessing screen consumption but a more holistic approach factoring in all facets of the business eg from office power consumption including laptops and heat, screen power and player consumption, mileage on service vehicles etc. We have undertaken research to a) accurately establish our footprint and b) explore the most tangible way to offset this

•    Electric Vehicles:
In 2023 Micromedia are switching to fully electric work vehicles.   

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